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How To Make Your House a Home

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Do you call your place home, or is it just a house? Your house is where you are safe, warm and dry from the rest of the world. A home is a place that provides you mental and emotional support, a place you look forward to being in for getting away  from the outside world. Does that sound like the way you feel about your home? If not, tag along with me…

Let us take a look at some things that can often get overlooked when creating a home — things that not only create some sort of sanctuary just for you, but may also be easy, free, and within your grasp.

Letting Go: It is feasible to focus on decor, design, picking the right furniture to reflect your own character and interests that can turn your house into a stress free zone. Way don’t you step back for a moment and consider how to remove stress before you open the front door? Trust it will all eventually come together and merely let it happen when it does. Try cherishing your home in all its different quirky stages. Your soul will understand and feel your intentions.

Make It a Refuge: Do you have a favorite stress free zone in your mind you can visit? Somewhere you can go to clear your head once in awhile? For myself it’s when I step into a yoga studio — I seem to enter my own little world. Now it would be incredible should that place be your house. How could you set things up so it can happen that way for you?  How about stopping for a moment and slipping into the role, or leaving all the negativity outside on the front steps. What can you do to eliminate stress and take worry out from your home, and create a peaceful happy place?

Spend Time At Home: This might sound obvious, right? But it’s not all that easy. How much time do you spend in your house enjoying it? Could you spend more time appreciating it? Or will you be out every chance you get? Your home can grow on you just like anything else in life. Even if it isn’t your ideal space, you can begin to appreciate it and make it function for you if you take the right attitude when there.

Invite People Over: Will you share your house with other people you love? How often do you invite friends over for dinner, drinks, to watch TV or a chat? Are you secretly embarrassed to invite people over because it’s not exactly perfect? The more happiness and laughter that enters your house, the  better it will feel to you, and more like a home.

Make Memories: The last tip mentioned emotion and laughter. When your home has lots of people filling the place with laughter, fun and games memories happen. Creating memories in this fashion turns a dwelling into a home full of warmth and good times.

You might not remember this house later in life because of its amazing picture windows, flooring or rooms, but you’ll recall the birthday celebration where your best friend baked their first three layer cake and then the puppy that promptly knocked it off the table resulting in impromptu ice cream cookie sandwiches and candles stuck in them.

Memories and good times are the lasting qualities that make a house your home. Take time to plan for events, dinner parties and reasons to make memories a part of your home. You will cherish some of those times later in life and look back on your home with fond memories.